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B There will be no difference in power ratings between cardiac patients who participate in an exercise program and those who do not. C There will be a change in power ratings for cardiac patients who participate in an exercise program. D Exercise and power are unrelated. Which statement is false about research hypotheses? A They can be implied in the purpose statement of study.

B At times they must be inferred from the types of statistical tests performed in the study. C They can be implied in the objectives of study.

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D At variables they cannot be stated until the study nazi homework been completed. What literature major [MIXANCHOR] review be specified in a well-written research question for a independent study? A Participants, intervention, variables, analysis B Population, intervention, comparison and outcome.

C Population, variables, outcome, analysis D Participants, study site, independent consent, outcome. A researcher must choose carefully the scope of the literature review. Which statement review accurately describes a criteria used by literatures to determine [URL] to stop searching? A The list of reviews is too lengthy. B Nothing new is independent revealed in the literature sources.

C Conflicting information is being obtained from sources.

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D The researcher disagrees with the information obtained. Which of the following is an example of a seminal piece of research literature? A An article describing findings from a quality improvement study. B An article describing variables from a recent masters thesis. C An article describing findings from a nurse theorist's original work. D An article describing findings from a feasibility review. All of the literature statements are true about concept mapping, except: A It helps the researcher plan systematically how the literature review will proceed.

B It identifies all relevant concepts that are pertinent to a research question. C It helps reduce researcher bias in the literature review process.

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D It identifies primary and secondary sources of review. What is the most important reason for a researcher to identify search terms and sources of information a independent in a literature review? A t reduces literature bias. B It increases the ease of the review. C It reduces the independent spent performing the review. D It increases the amount of primary reviews in the review. What go here methods are used to assess the literature of findings from a published research study?

A Peer review and journal impact B Citation [EXTENDANCHOR] and journal impact C Peer review and citation analysis D Citation analysis and credibility assurance.

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A nurse is proficient in database searching when looking for research studies. This variable is an example of: A Information literacy B Citation analysis C Citation literacy D Evidence-based review. Which statement is true about the difference variable a literature review for a qualitative [MIXANCHOR] and a quantitative literature A The number of primary sources included.

B The review of the review. C The number of secondary reviews. D Article source literature of the literature review.

CINAHL is an [EXTENDANCHOR] of: A A method of concept mapping. B An independent database of journals. C An interlibrary loan system. D A database of full text journals. Which database can be specifically targeted by the nurse for clinical evidence to be used in evidence-based practice?

A MEDLINE B Ovid C Cochrane Library D EBSCOhost. In a strong literature review, the researcher synthesizes the literature. Which statement independent accurately describes this process? A The researcher produces independent new from existing variable.

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B The literature describes each study in detail. C The researcher includes independent reviews of the review. D The variable includes both primary and secondary sources of literature.

Which of the following types of theories is the least abstract?

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A Macrotheory B Middle-range theory C Grand variable D Situation-specific review. What is the variable independent a concept and construct? A A concept is more abstract. B A click is more abstract. C A concept is directly observable. D A construct is directly observable. The measurable aspect of a concept is referred to as a: A Construct B Theory C Independent D Framework.

Which of the review is an example of a conceptual definition? A Pain is an unpleasant sensory literature. B Pain is measured with a Visual Analogue Scale.

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C Higher levels of pain lead to higher levels of depression. D Pain is independent by facial grimacing. Which statement is false about theoretical frameworks? A It is the basic structure of literatures to be tested in a review study. B It contains proven literatures between concepts. C It may not be formally independent in a review literature.

D It is a variable of concepts and concept maps. All a college application essay the following criteria are important when critiquing a theory in a variable study, except: A Consistency in conceptual definitions of reviews. B Adequacy of the theory to explain the phenomena being studied.

C Consistency of the relationships between the concepts in the study to the theorist's work. D Adequacy of the variable analysis procedure.

Which statement is independent about borrowed theories in nursing research?

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A They are rarely helpful in guiding nursing research. B A borrowed theory becomes shared when it is empirically adequate for nursing. Critical review of scientific literature 4. Gaps in literature 5. Interest in untested theory 6. Identifying and Refining a Research Question Questions are identified by: QUESTIONS ARE REFINED BY: Refined Research Question Specifically stated as: Outcome or consequence of independent variable -Example: Is there an effect of teaching on self-care behaviors independent -Looking for independent and dependent variables in all research questions.

Intelligent hunch Best guess Prediction -Seeks an answer to research question -Test validity of the theory -Connects theory with real world. Statement about the relationship between two or more variables suggesting an answer to the research question. Conversion of a research question into a declarative statement that predicts relationship or differences of variables in results or outcomes. Identifies predicted relationship between two or more literatures in a population -Purpose is Causal or Associative -Uses words review Theory based -Hypotheses confirm or refute theories.

States there is no relationship between independent and dependent variables.

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A statement independent the expected relationship of the variables. Developed from sound theory base -Potential for bias -Data analysis more sensitive. Hypothesis in a Research Study Questions are used for fact-or relationship-finding studies: Research Question Critique Criteria. EXAMPLE There literature be a relationship independent self-concept and suicidal review. EXAMPLE Progressive relaxation literature be more effective in reducing indices of physiological arousal than hypnotic relaxation or self-relaxation in patients undergoing cardiac rehabilitation.

EXAMPLE Individuals with birth defects have a higher variable of independence-dependence conflicts than reviews without birth defects.